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iun modern languages


SPAN-S 200 / SPAN-S 250 or equivalent earned through special credit and three courses at the third-year or fourth-year level, taught in Spanish. Fourth-year level courses may only be taken with permission of instructor.

Special Credit

A student who places at the third-year level on the language placement test and receives a grade of C or higher in the validating third-year level course will be eligible for 6 hours of special credit with a grade of S. A student who places in the second semester of the second year and completes a validating course with a grade of C or higher will be eligible to receive 3 hours of special credit with a grade of S. The course numbers SPAN-S 200 / SPAN-S 250 will be used to designate this credit.

For more information, visit the Modern Languages, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics page on the IU Northwest Bulletin. 

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