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iun Strategic Plan

IU Northwest

Indiana University Northwest provides personal, affordable and life-changing education, in a high-quality academic environment where we value diversity, inclusiveness, scholarship and cultural and regional partnerships. Our students practice their communication and digital skills, collaborate and solve problems, which is a powerful, adaptable preparation for ethical leadership and success throughout a satisfying life and career.

Strategic Plan

The IU Northwest Council conducted a campus planning exercise during the 2016-2017 academic year that:

  • Tested the alignment of IU Northwest’s Strategic Priorities with the Indiana University Bicentennial Strategic Plan and Blueprint 2.0: The Bicentennial Strategic Plan for the Regional Campuses of Indiana University;
  • Updated and refined the IU Northwest Strategic Priorities; and
  • Elaborated the IU Northwest Strategic Priorities format, to include concise campus-level objectives, for implementation at the unit/operational level.
  • The resulting draft was distributed for discussion and response to the Faculty Organization and other campus constituencies during Fall 2016.
  • The IU Northwest Council endorsed the final text at its January 2017 meeting.
  • Specific action projects to implement the objectives will be tracked in WEAVE.
  • IU Northwest Mission

    Our purpose is to enhance the quality of life of the most diverse, urban, industrialized region of the state.

    • We engage the community in high-quality teaching and scholarship.

    • We partner with communities to impact and promote social, economic, and cultural development.

    • We inspire and empower a diverse body of students to be active citizens, who apply their knowledge to transform their communities and the world.

    Approved by IU Board of Trustees on 16 June 2017.

  • Vision Statement

    We are Indiana University in Northwest Indiana, providing personal, affordable and life-changing education, to advance the social, economic and civic health of the region. Through our diverse working and learning environment, we help build lives and communities.

    Approved December, 2013

  • Values Statement

    We, the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of IU Northwest, value:

    • Our unique identity as Indiana University in Northwest Indiana;
    • Academic excellence and scholarship, characterized by a love of ideas and achievement in learning, discovery, creativity, and engagement;
    • The complete richness and dignity of the human family in all of its diversity;
    • Supporting aspirations of the individual and community;
    • The contributions of all of our constituencies;
    • An environment conducive for learning, self-examination, and personal growth that leads to greater student success;
    • Graduates prepared for life-long learning, ethical practices, successful careers, and effective citizenship; and
    • Collaboration with other educational institutions, external partners, and the Northwest Indiana community.
    Approved December, 2013