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iun minority studies

Minority Studies Department

Welcome to the IU Northwest Department of Minority Studies

Study Abroad - Shanghai, China Program Summer 2014

The Department of Minority Studies offers four programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts Degrees:

  • Afro-American Studies
  • Afro-American Studies – Concentration in Latino Studies
  • Interdepartmental Major in Afro-American Studies and Communication
  • Interdepartmental Major in Afro-American Studies and English

The curriculum is designed to acquaint the student with the unique worldviews, cultures, and historical experiences of Black and Latino citizens and those of minority groups in general. 

Program Highlights

The curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Afro‐American Studies is oriented toward professional preparation and graduate study. The two program sequences, Human Services and Community Development, Place a heavy emphasis on education that is directly related to employment opportunities and graduate level study.

Latino Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to acquaint the student with the worldview and experience of Chicanos and Puerto Ricans in the U.S.  The department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree program in Afro- American Studies with a concentration in Latino Studies; as well as programs that combine a Bachelor of Arts in History, Sociology, or Spanish with an Associate of Arts Degree in Latino Studies.

Department of Minority Studies students have opportunities to participate in and organize community engagement events and activities through the department’s University-Community outreach programming.   Featured events include Black History Month, Chicano History and Culture, Puerto Rican History and Culture; Gary Preservation Project and the annual Environmental Justice and Participatory Democracy Conferences.

Career Opportunities

The Minority Studies curriculum prepares students for work in fields such as social services, minority group relations, and community development.  Many graduates also pursue graduate level study in the humanities and social sciences.

For More Information

Browse the links above and visit the individual program pages to learn about degree and course requirements, student clubs and activities, and more.

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Minority Studies at IU Northwest!

Office Hours


8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Department Chair

Earl Jones
(219) 980-6704


Debi Qualls
(219) 980-6781

Fax Number

(219) 980-6579

Mailing Address

IU Northwest
Minority Studies Department
Arts and Sciences Building, Room 2023
3400 Broadway
Gary, Indiana 46408