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iun minority studies

Community Development/Urban Studies

This certificate is for students who have completed an undergraduate degree and would like formal recognition of a proficiency in the field of Community Development and Urban Studies. The focus of study will be on community development, community economic development, and urban studies within a matrix of the minority experience. This certificate has wide appeal from educators to practitioners in fields such as community development, planning, and public policy. This certification meets a specific need for persons intending to hold or holding positions in the field beyond the entry level, such as Community Development Planner II; or entry-level positions that require postbaccalaureate certification and/or experience.


  • Department of Minority Studies or approved courses from other departments (18 cr.)
    • Select from one of the following
      • AFRO-A 150
      • AFRO-A 151
    • CHRI-C 151 Minority People (3 cr.)
  • Department of Minority Studies courses which be distributed among community development, urban studies and economic policy (12 cr.)
    • AFRO-A 103
    • AFRO-A 230
    • AFRO-A 240
    • AFRO-A 301
    • AFRO-A 302
    • AFRO-A 304
    • AFRO-A 341
    • AFRO-A 343
    • AFRO-A 398

Three (3) credit hours in capstone, research or project course.

If you can see yourself earning a Master’s degree from Indiana University, enroll today.
For Admission, contact: Dr. Earl Jones
Department of Minority Studies: 219-980-6629
Or visit in person: Hawthorn Hall, Room 209