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Required Core Courses

  • MHHS M301 Perspectives on Health, Disease and Healing
    (3 credit hours)
    The course utilizes the humanities and social science disciplines to provide understanding of health and disease, suffering and dying, as well as the art and science of healing. 
  • MHHS M495 Independent Project/ Seminar in MHHS (Capstone)
    (3 credit hours)
    This capstone seminar or project students to apply knowledge gained from course and develop a research or applied project related to the interests of the MHHS faculty. 

In order to finish the minor students will need to take three elective courses. This course of study provides electives in a variety of discipline.
Each course is 3 Credit Hours.

Courses opportunities include:

History, Philosophy, English, Sociology, Anthropology, Fine Arts, Biology, Speech.

The Spring Semester has the following classes available:

  • ENG L208 Health and Literature Online Gustafson
  • PHIL P383 Biomedical Ethics (several options)