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Textbook Information A100

Math A100  classes are using textbook Beginning and Intermediate Algebra by Lial, Hornsby, and McGinnis, Sixth Edition.

Tightly integrated with Lial/Hornsby/McGinnis textbook is MyMathLab, a web based learning tool designed to help you with your homework. MyMathLab contains:

  1. Immediate feedback as to whether your answer is right or wrong
  2. Step-by-step instruction for the problems you do not understand.
  3. Video or animated tutorials for many of the problems.

You can obtain MyMathLab conveniently in one of two ways.

  1. Purchase a new book in IU Northwest bookstore. MyMathLab license is included at no additional cost.
  2. Purchase MyMathLab over the web page Compass using a credit card.

An important consideration for you is that MyMathLab contains the textbook in electronic form. Therefore, as long as you are connected to the web, you will have full access to the textbook from MyMathLab. Some may find this sufficient and not require a physical textbook.

The department of Mathematics recommends use of MyMathLab as an excellent learning tool to all students. Some instructors use MyMathLab as integral part of the course. If you make an individual decision to use MyMathLab as an at-home practice tool, see your instructor for MyMathLab Course ID.

If you have additional questions about MyMathLab, please contact Prof. Pudar-Hozo.

Lial Textbook Image