Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Major in Mathematics B.S.

Major in Mathematics B.S.

Requirements (42-44 cr.)

  • (1) Required core courses (23 cr.)
    MATH-M 215 (5 cr.), MATH-M 216 (5 cr.), MATH-M 301 (3 cr.), MATH-M 311 (4 cr.), MATH-M 360 (3 cr.), MATH-M 391/393 (3 cr.)
  • (2) Applications (12 cr.)
    at least four additional 300­ or 400 level mathematics courses not used for 1, 3, or 4.
  • (3) Senior Concentration (6 cr.)
    Select 2 courses from the following MATH-M 366 (3 cr.), MATH-M 403 (3 cr.), MATH-M 405 (3 cr.), MATH-M 413 (3 cr.)
  • (4) Senior Thesis in Mathematics: (1-3 cr.)
    MATH-M 493 (1-3 cr.) (a capstone course)

Requirements for the minor (15-20 cr.)

Arts and Sciences Option  
Mathematics majors are required to augment their academic program with a minor (minimum 15 credit hours) in another discipline. The student in consultation with a faculty advisor selects the minor area.
Secondary Education Option
For students graduating with both, Secondary Education with major in mathematics and Bachelor of Science in mathematics, the minor requirement is waived.

Excel worksheet (make sure macros are enabled) for checking distribution requirements (beta version)!

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