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Sharing of Campus News

The OMC has several vehicles to help promote campus news, which include: the campus homepage (; Northwest News; media relations; and social media (;;

Campus Publicity & Marketing

The OMC encourages the campus to share news and events with our department. Our decisions are made with several factors in mind, including, but not limited to:

  • Timeliness: Did the news just happen or will it be happening soon? Or, can we connect it to a topic trending in the media? Is it an “evergreen” story, meaning that it is always relevant and timely and not tied to a specific event or theme, or will there be a news hook in the future that will be stronger?
  • Relevancy: Does the story reflect the campus’s strategic priorities? For instance, does it showcase our community engagement or faculty and student scholarship and research?
  • Prospective Student Interest: Does the OMC believe the story idea has appeal to a prospective student?
  • Uniqueness: Does the story set IU Northwest apart from other local, peer institutions; or all other institutions nationwide, or globally? Does this story set a particular IU Northwest school or college apart from others, or is this a common practice or story that can be found throughout campus?
  • Media Impact/Interest: Has this story, or a similar story, already been covered by the media? Would the media find value in this story?
  • Community Appeal: Does the story involve the community or local organizations, or share the campus’s institutional knowledge or resources with the community?
  • Photo Opportunity: Can a photo of this story idea help to tell the news, providing the reader with a better idea of what happened? Would the photo be interesting, or unique?
  • Other Projects: How best can the OMC effectively communicate the story idea while balancing other projects they’ve committed to? Is there a way to share the story idea with media allowing them to tell the story without it being featured on


The most common request the OMC receives is the spotlight section. Spotlights on are planned two months in advance to ensure content remains current, timely and relevant and aligns with our strategic plan. They are rotated every two to three weeks. Spotlight consideration criteria includes:

  • Event: An event that has broad appeal and is open to the public (i.e., Theatre Northwest production)
  • Action Item: Something an end user can act upon (i.e., apply for a scholarship, buy a ticket to an event)
  • Feature Story: Must meet at least one of above criteria under ‘Campus Publicity & Marketing’. In other words, it must be particularly newsworthy, unique and show community impact or involvement. 

If the OMC feels the story idea is not suitable as a spotlight, keep in mind there are many other ways in which the OMC can share the news with the campus, and community.

In essence, spotlights are like billboards for the home page, something we use to catch web users’ attention when they visit en route to other pages (i.e., OneStart). The preference is spotlights that engage the user sufficiently to cause them to open the link and review the related information.

Submitting Story Ideas

Story ideas should be submitted for consideration to; write STORY IDEA in the subject line. OMC will respond within five business days, and communicate the best way to share the news. Details regarding campus events must be submitted six weeks prior to the event. 

While, we will consider publicizing all stories, it’s important to note final editorial decisions lie with the OMC.