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Marketing Services

The Office of Marketing and Communications provides a wide range of services to the campus community. Communicating effectively with any audience means planning and implementing creative strategies to maximize your message. From publications to advertisements, direct mail to media relations, and brochures our office can assist you in developing a promotional campaign that meets your specific needs. OMC works in partnership with you to produce effective, on-target promotional materials that are designed to reflect the excellence and quality of your academic unit, program or department. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our Editorial Guidelines. Some of the services our office provides include:

Media Relations

Members of the media often contact the OMC requesting to speak with an expert on a specific subject. If your expertise matches the request, we may contact you to complete the interview. Please be advised that these media interviews often have quick deadlines, but we will do our best to contact you with as much advance notice as possible.

To ensure the provision of clear, concise communications, all media inquiries should be made through the office. If a reporter contacts you directly, we ask that you alert a member of the OMC prior to the interview taking place. Please understand OMC's involvement is based upon the department's need to support the university's image and to ensure the delivered messages are consistent with the campus's key messages.

Marketing Materials

If you need assistance in promoting an event or need marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, advertisements, invitations, or the like, please complete the Marketing Services Request Form. To best service your needs, we request this form be completed six weeks prior to the need. Requests outside of this timeline will be handled on an individual basis; however there is no guarantee that the requested deadlines will be met.

Promotional Items

If you are interested in securing give-a-way items to promote IU Northwest or your department, please email

Campus Announcements

If you have an important campus announcement that relates directly to the academic and administrative activities of IU Northwest, the OMC encourages you to inform the campus by sending a campus announcement via the Announce IU List. To send an email to faculty/staff, please send it to: [[IUN-ANNOUNCE-L]]. A moderator of the IU List will approve or disapprove your email for distribution. Approval processes may take up to 24 hours; therefore, we advise all email messages be sent to the IU List in advance. If your message is not approved, you will be informed as to the reason it does not meet the IU List communication qualifications. To send an email to students, please send it to: [[IUN-STUDENTS-L]]. The Office of Student Services moderates the student IU List. 

Printing of designed marketing material

The OMC is not responsible for printing any marketing materials that are designed by our office. All printing must be handled by FedEx Office printing services. Printing by FedEx Office may take several days depending on the project’s specifics, therefore, to ensure your project’s deadlines are met, we advise you to consider the printing time when requesting material to be developed by the OMC. For more details on FedEx Office, please go to:

For marketing consultation or assistance on a project, please complete the Marketing Services Project Request Form