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Integrated Image Initiative - IU Northwest Visual Identity

The Integrated Image Program was initiated by the IU Trustees to help establish a unified, flexible set of standards and guidelines that will enable all elements of IU to contribute to and benefit from a cohesive identity system. A distinctive, consistent and well-managed identity system will help us build recognition wherever and however we communicate.

After almost three years of considerable study, consultation, discussion, and development, on June 9, 2006, the Trustees of Indiana University voted in favor of the new visual identity system, approach, and architecture. The overarching goal for the Indiana University Integrated Image Program is to provide a consistent, unifying identity-a visual system we can proudly use to clearly identify our campuses, schools, departments, and other units to the communities we serve.

Consistent and widespread use of this program will communicate a greater sense of the scale and scope of Indiana University as a whole, and result in higher visibility and greater recognition for the individual elements that make it what it is. Indiana University is unique. This program has been designed to underscore expressions of individuality while clearly communicating the collective strength of IU as a unified, powerful, recognized entity.

The Indiana University Integrated Image Program is one way to bring greater recognition and clarity, as well as aesthetic unity, to the presentation of the university. The following pages offer a usage guide to university marks, the university seal, typography, and color associated with an IU signature system, including discussion of information hierarchies. The Indiana University Integrated Image Program is not designed to inhibit the expression of unique messaging and personalities specific to individual campuses, schools, or programs. Rather, it has been created to provide a comprehensive structure for presenting complex, variable information with logic and a visual rationale. Ultimately it should help all those who communicate on behalf of IU work more efficiently and effectively.

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