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Northwest Indiana Center for Data and Analysis

Northwest Indiana's Seven County Data and Analysis Service

The Northwest Indiana Center for Data and Analysis provides regional and sub-regional economic, demographic, health, environmental, and other data to businesses, non-profits, and community organizations. The Center offers analytical services to assist you with understanding, summarizing, and presenting the key issues and trends underlying important data. Presentation-ready charts, tables, and maps can be created to illustrate your point. Assistance with grant or proposal preparation is also available.

The Northwest Indiana Center for Data and Analysis received a major grant from Indiana University's 1996 Strategic Directions Initiative. Under the grant's stipulations, the Center's objectives are to:

  • Acquire quantitative data sets on Northwest Indiana;
  • Serve as a regional data clearinghouse and referral center;
  • Provide expert assistance and training in using electronic and on-line statistical resources;
  • Assist organizations in using and interpreting complex data sets;
  • Use computer software programs to create graphs, tables, maps, and charts for presentation purposes.

IU Northwest Center Serves Campus and Community

The Northwest Indiana Center for Data and Analysis dramatically improves public access to statistical data and regional information. Staffed by a Director and Research Analysts, the Center offers patrons one-on-one assistance in finding and understanding data. Specialized analytical services include customized statistical tables, graphs, charts or maps, technical writing, geographic information systems (GIS) software, and assistance with grant proposals.