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Library Instruction - Information Literacy

Library instruction is a service provided by the Information Access Education unit of the Reference Department. Its purpose is to teach students how to use their library (IU Northwest) more effectively and efficiently.

As we know, students' research needs vary. Therefore, the librarians will talk to several groups about different aspects of library research. They might discuss how to select a topic and some of the best paper and electronic sources to use for information about it. And librarians might demonstrate to groups of students how to research topics using the online catalog and/or different computer databases and indexes, etc. These tools indicate where information is on topics in magazines, newspapers, books, government publications, and other library materials. Also, the staff can demonstrate how to find a specific journal or newspaper. In addition, librarians might describe various services the library provides, i.e. circulation, system services (interlibrary loan), and reserve.

Handouts are available for many of the popular research tools and sources. An assignment is available, also, for students who want to apply the information they recently acquired.

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W131 Evaluation

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General Evaluation

To make arrangements for a librarian to talk to a class, faculty should contact Nicholas Casas by e-mail or by phone at (219) 980-6806.