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Services and Resources

Center Houses Rich Data Resources

The Northwest Indiana Center for Data and Analysis regional resource library is open to the public and includes CD-ROM and on-line electronic information from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Environmental Protection Agency, Indiana Business Research Center and many other government and private sources. Training in using this material is available, and workshops regarding geographic information system (GIS) software and other electronic resources are available at Indiana University Northwest. Call (219) 981-4273 or (219) 980-6946.

Center Offers Data and Analytical Services to Diverse Clients

The Northwest Indiana Center for Data and Analysis is well positioned to assist many different types of businesses and organizations in gaining access to, understanding, and presenting complex data. Aside from business or government clients, though, all sectors of society need good local-level data to improve their decision-making processes. For example:

  • Social service agencies must establish a need for their services;
  • Schools use demographic information to project future enrollment patterns;
  • Economic development councils employ data to document past or current economic trends; and
  • Health care providers make correlations between demographic factors and the health status of particular areas.

The Center can help diverse organizations target their resources, plan for expansion, or demonstrate the effectiveness of their services. Potential clients are invited to submit project proposals. Currently, the Center can probably provide reasonable cost assistance to your business or organization. Call (219) 981-4273 or (219) 980-6946 for more information.