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iun library science

Degrees and Certificates

The School of Library and Information Science at Indianapolis offers a variety of degrees and Certificates. These are summaries of what is offered. If you click on the links you are able to obtain the requirements to complete each individual degree or certificate.

  • Masters of Library Science

    The Master of Library Science (MLS) is a 36-credit-hour program accredited by the American Library Association. The program is innovatively designed to meet the new challenges of our profession. Students in the program are introduced to the roles and functions of libraries in contemporary society. They become familiar with key policy issues and technological trends, and with how these issues and trends affect libraries and information centers of all kinds. Students learn to manage and evaluate collections, respond to the information needs of patrons, and to use technology to improve access to information. Students who complete the program are prepared for careers in library administration, public services, technical services, reference services, and collection development at public, school, academic, and special libraries. 

    Upon completion of the MLS program, graduates will be prepared to assist and educate users of libraries and information centers; analyze and identify information needs which represent a variety of age, academic, economic, and social groups; and apply appropriate search strategies for effective and efficient information retrieval in each situation. Graduates will also be able to educate users and potential users of information systems to locate and evaluate information resources, and to analyze and evaluate the provision of information systems and services in a variety of library and information settings.

  • School Library/Media and Information Technology Certification

    Emphasis in this area includes knowledge of a wide range of information sources and formats; selection and preparation of instructional plans and materials; promotion and use of quality literature for children and young adults; management of budgets, staff and automated information services; collaborative teaching and cooperation with community information agencies; understanding of facilities planning; and instructional design for emerging technological innovations in education. Individuals specializing in this area are educators, information managers and instructional designers. Indiana library /media / technology certification will transfer to any state in the U.S. The student seeking certification in a state other than Indiana should contact the certification office in that state to be certain of meeting any additional teacher training requirements. 

    A student may enter a program leading to either the minor in school library services or the major in school media technology services after completion of a bachelor's degree and after meeting the requirements for an Indiana teaching license at either the elementary or secondary level. The bachelor's degree should include a minimum of 90 hours credit in liberal arts. At the secondary level, it is strongly recommended that the student have a teaching major in social studies, language arts, science or computer technology. Entry requirements for either certification program are the same as for those entering any master's level SLIS program. A student must submit an application for admission to a SLIS master's degree program before completing six credits in the School of Library and Information Science. 

    The program leading to certification as a school library/media specialist at Indiana University is approved by NCATE and the SLIS M.L.S. program is ALA-accredited. The program meets the requirements for Teachers of Library Media from the Indiana Professional Standards Board.