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iun liberal studies
sculpture by Professor Neil Goodman displayed at the Art Gallery for his Retirement Gallery Exhibition

Naomi Buck Palagi

“The Masters of Liberal Studies at IUN was a great program for me. The experience of writing the thesis, interacting with my advisor and committee, and the thesis defense was not only informative and highly supportive, but ultimately led to a published book. The MLS has proven to be valuable in the job market as well.”

sculpture in front of Raintree Hall

Beverly Lewis-Burton

“The MLS program allowed me to pursue graduate education in a way that fit my research interests.  The broad based curriculum was especially complementary to my own undergraduate education. This is a program that encourages inquiry, growth and involvement.”

Sculpture in by Marram Hall

Barbara Usher Sullivan

"I'm happy that I decided to pursue the MLS degree. I learned so much more about how to research and put it into a coherent paper.  The smaller class sizes allowed for a more personalized experience. I wasn't afraid to ask for any help that I needed. I would urge everyone to consider the MLS program at IUN."