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General Information

Time Guidelines for all Judging and Competition sessions – It is very important that all teams maintain the schedule as closely as possible to ensure a timely tournament. Refer to your Tournament Schedule to see the location and time when your team should report for judging/competition.
  • Please move quickly to your next location. If you are late for your Project or Technical judging, you will still be required to fit your presentation into the allotted time. If you are too late to complete your presentation in the remaining time or miss your scheduled time for reasons beyond your control, please see the Judging Room Assistant outside your scheduled room and ask for the Head Judge.
  • Total Core Values Presentation will be divided as follows:

    Poster Presentation 2 Minutes
    Lego Project Build 3 Minutes
    Judges Questions 5 Minutes
  • Total Project Presentation time will be divided as follows:

    Visual Aid set up and tear down 1 minute
    Presentation time 5 minutes
    Question period from Judges 4 minutes
  • Robot Design judging will be as follows:

    Set up and Tear down: 1 minute
    Technical Demonstration & Discussion: 5 minutes
    Question Period from Judges: 4 minutes

    A mat and complete field set will be provided in the room.
    Bring your own extension cords and laptops if needed

  • Total Robot Performance time will be divided as follows:

    Approach and set up: .5 minute
    Performance Time: 2.5 minutes
    Clear the table .5 minute
    We allow ourselves .5 minutes to score and reset the table between match

***Absolutely NO Cameras or Video Equipment allowed in the competition area 

Because of the distinct possibility of Infrared Interference, NO cameras or video equipment are allowed in the competition area. However, video cameras will be allowed in the Presentation Judging Rooms this year to give coaches a chance to tape their presentations for future use.

Competition Area Guidelines 

  Teams will be queued to the “In The Hole area 8-10 minutes before their play begins. You will then move to the “On Deck” waiting area and finally the “At Bat” area. It is important that the team members stay together in route to the competition area. Only team members and coach(s) can stand in the Competition Area. When it is your turn for competition play, the team members and the coach(s) may proceed to the “At Bat” area. IMPORTANT! No adults can approach the competition table AT ANY TIME right before, during, or after the competition play. Only two team members at a time are allowed to be on the playing field by the table while the robot is running. The rest of the team and the coach(s) must remain in the “At Bat” area to cheer on their team.

WARNING: Interference

  • RCX’s– It has been reported that when downloading programs to one RCX, other RCXs in the same room can occasionally be impacted even if they are several feet away. To prevent this it is advised to keep RCXs turned off unless they are competing or being downloaded with a program. It is also advised that everyone should set the computer software and the IR tower to the “short range” option. Finally we recommend that teams bring a cover, such as a shoe box, to help protect it from this type of interference
  • NXT’s– There are no guarantees that you won’t encounter ultrasonic interference from other sources, including other robots with the use of the ultra sonic sensor. Thus, there is an implicit risk involved. In future years, we may see this tightened up or removed entirely. If both robots at the table are using ultra sonics, we do not know how many problems they may encounter.

FLL Release Form 

All team members and coaches are required to have this form filled out and signed. It must have the students’ parent’s signature. Note your registration will be delayed until these are completed. The link is available from the main IUN FLL web page. You should have the filled out forms in your hand as you approach the registration table.

FLL Team Creed 
  • We are a Team
  • We do the work to find the solutions with guidance from our coaches and mentors
  • We honor the spirit of friendly competition
  • What we discover is more important than what we win
  • We share our experience with others
  • We display gracious professionalism in everything we do.
  • We have fun.