Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research

Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research



The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Research would like to welcome you to our new web page!  We hope to be adding new content frequently, so please come back often.

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Indiana University Blueprint for Student Attainment

Indiana University Northwest collaborates with the other regional institutions of Indiana University for mutual benefit through an initiative more commonly referred to as "The Blueprint".  You may find out more about The Blueprint through the Office of University Regional Affairs.

Voluntary System of Accountability

The VSA is a voluntary initiative developed by the higher education community to meet the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate accountability and stewardship to public
  • Support institutions in the measurement of educational outcomes and facilitate the identification and implementation of effective practices as part of institutional improvement efforts.
  • Assemble and disseminate information that is transparent, comparable, and understandable
  • Provide a useful tool for students during the college search process

The sponsoring associations - APLU and AASCU - collectively represent over 520 public institutions that enroll 7.5 million students and award 70% of bachelor's degrees in U.S. each year. Development and start-up funding was provided by the Lumina Foundation.

Institutions participating in the VSA construct a College Portrait.  The data elements included in College Portrait were identified and evaluated based on input from student/family focus groups, feedback from the higher education community, and research on higher education.

For each VSA participating institution, the College Portrait supplies basic comparable information through a common web report. Information includes student and campus characteristics, cost of attendance, success and progress rates, campus safety, class size, student experiences on campus, and student learning outcomes.





Action Projects



We are currently conducting an external environmental scan for trends that will inform our strategic planning process at IU Northwest.  As we conclude those efforts, IU Northwest will begin drafting a new startegic plan, and the materials of that process will be included on this page.

Environmental Scanning

Strategic Planning Framework

Strategic Planning Goals and Priorities


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