Human Subjects Committee

Student Research

Student Research

Class assignments primarily intended for educational purposes (e.g., to demonstrate how research is conducted) are not subject to HSC review so long as such assignments do not involve placing human subjects at more than minimal risk.  However, HSC approval is required for any student class assignment research projects involving vulnerable populations (such as pregnant women, fetuses, prisoners, persons with mental disabilities, minors, or economically or educationally disadvantaged persons). 

Instructors, along with their student, are to apply for Non-Research Student Project approval to determine if HSC approval is necessary.  Instructors and students are cautioned to consider the implications of not obtaining human subjects approval should they later decide that they wish to present the results in a public manner (e.g., at an academic conference, or through publication).  Please refer to the section on Non-Research.  Further information on student research is available under Student Research Policy.

It is common for the students from the School of Education to need to apply for HSC approval.  It is because their active research will involve minors from the public school system. If you are such a student click on "School of Education Student".

When a student is working on a project that already has human subjects approval, and that student will use some of that data to fulfill a course or degree requirement, such as honor's thesis, first-year project, or master's degree, the original principal investigator must submit an amendment to the HSC requesting the student be added as a co-investigator on his/her project for the stated purpose. In all other situations student initiated research must be submitted as an independent project, NOT as an amendment to an already approved protocol.  All student projects submitted to the IUN HSC must be sponsored by one or more full-time IU Northwest faculty.  See the section Researcher Responsibilities for the list of approved rank codes and titles.  If the sponsor's appointments is at another campus, the review must take place on that campus.