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Employee with HR person

IU Northwest Performance Management Program for Support and Professional Staff

Professional Staff Form (PAE|PAO) | Support Staff Form (CL/SM/TE)

Managing Current Employees

General Information

  • Classification is a structured approach to salary administration. Classification is all about jobs and positions and how they fit within the organizational structure.
  • The four main staff employee groups are below. IU is moving toward a university-wide approach for Service and Support Staff in the next few years.
    • Professional classification is university-wide
    • Service classification varies by campus
    • Support classification varies by campus
    • Temporary (formerly Hourly) classification is university-wide

Valid Multiple Job Combinations

Corrective Action

Corrective Action defined: supervisory action taken to correct an employee's work-related performance or behavior problem.

Goal of Corrective Action: to correct the performance or behavior problem. We encourage you to contact your campus Human Resources office with questions or concerns that arise as you plan your course of action.

The appropriate steps of action can be found through UHRS.

Staff Incident Form