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Health Information Administration

Health Information Administration

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science - Health Information Administration

A career in health information administration combines the disciplines of medicine, information management, computer technology, finance, and law within the health care industry.

The registered health information administrator (RHIA) manages a variety of health information management functions, including the following: managing electronic health records, managing clinical workflow, improving the quality and uses of data, protecting the privacy and security of patient health information, and analyzing information for reimbursement and research.

To become credentialed, students in the health information administration program must successfully complete IU Northwest degree requirements for a bachelor of science in health information administration and pass the certification examination, the RHIA, administered by the national professional association, the American Health Information Management Association.

The Health Information Administration program curriculum is created to accommodate a student with no prior health information management educational background.  The curriculum is also created to accommodate a student who has previously completed a two year Health Information Technology degree program from IU Northwest or from any other CAHIM-accredited program.

The Health Information Administration program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Educatin (CAHIIM).

Health Information Administration Course Sequence

Year 1  
Fall Semester
ENG  W131  Elementary Composition I  3
PHSL  P261* Human Anatomy & Physiology  4
HIM  M195*  Medical Terminology  3
CSCI  A106  Introduction to Computers  3
PSY  P101  Introductor Psychology I  3
Total 16
Spring Semester
PHSL  P262* Human Anatomy & Physiology II  4
MATH  M100*  Basic Mathematics  4
CSCI C106 Intro to Computer Systems & Their Use 3
SOC  S161  Principles of Sociology  3
Total 14
Year 2  
Fall Semester
HIM  M100*  Introduction to Health Care Delivery and Health Information Management   2
SPCH  S121  Public Speaking  3
HIM  M205*  Pathology (P: P261 & P262) 3
CSCI A213 Database Applications 3
Culture and Hist Elective  3
Total 14
Spring Semester
HIM  M101*  Introduction to Health Records  3
HIM  M107*  Computer Applications in Health Information Technology  3
SPEA K300  Statistical Techniques 3
Arts & Hum Elective  3
Culture and Hist Elective  3
Total 15
Year 4  
Fall Semester
BUS  Z302  Organizational Behavior & Leadership  3
HIM  M301*  Health Quality and Information Management  3
HIM  M402*  Health Finance and Budgeting for HIM  3
HIM  M401*  Healthcare Data Management in HIM  3
HIM M410* Computer Systems in Healthcare and HIM 3
Total 15
Spring Semester
HIM  M302*  Health Record Law II and Ethics  3
HIM  M403*  Organization and Management of HIM  3
HIM  M404*  Research Principles for HIM  3
HIM  M415*  Capstone  4
Total 13
Summer 1
HIM  M459*  Affiliation Experience  4
Year 3  
Fall Semester
HIM  M201*  ICD Coding and Classification Systems  3
HIM  M193*  CPT Coding  2
HIM  M208*  Coding Lab  2
HIM  M245*  Health Record Law  2
HIM  M202*  PPE (A special PPE would be created for the Non-RHIT)  2
BUS A201 Intro to Financial Accounting 3
Total 14
Spring Semester
HIM  M203*  Health Care Delivery & Quality Assessment  3
HIM  M204*  PPE for the non-RHIT  2
HIM  M200*  Management in Health Information Technology  2
HIM  M206*  Reimbursement Principles in Health Care  2
W231 W231 Professional Writing Skills 3
Arts & Humanities Elective 3
Total 14