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Health Information Management

Health Information Management

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Health Information Management

HIM-C 150 : Body Structure and Function I (084842)

An introduction to the basic structures and functions of the human body, fundamental anatomic terminology, and relationships of clinical laboratory to diagnosis. (Fall, Spring)

HIM-C 151 : Body Structure and Function II (084839)

An introduction to the basic structures and functions of the human body; fundamental anatomic terminology; study of disease, relationships of clinical laboratory to diagnosis and pharmacology. (Fall, Spring)

HIM-M 100 : Introduction to Health Care Delivery and Health Information Management (082849)

Overview of the health care industry and specifically the health information management profession. Includes overview of health care reimbursement and medical staff organization.

HIM-M 101 : Introduction to Health Records (001018)

Organization of the health care industry; systems and processes for collecting, maintaining, and disseminating health-related information. (Spring)

HIM-M 102 : Clinical Experience I (001019)

Clinical assessment in systems and processes for collecting, maintaining, and disseminating health-related information; development of professional attitude for interacting with other professions and consumers in the health care industry. (Summer I)

HIM-M 107 : Computer Applications in Health Information Technology (001024)

An introduction to information and communication technologies commonly used in health care and Health Information Management departments. Electronic health record concepts, voice recognition, and health information specialty systems will be discussed and applied in this course. (Spring)

HIM-M 190 : ICD Coding (084841)

The ability to accurately and completely code and sequence diagnoses and procedures utilizing ICD coding principles. (Fall, Spring)

HIM-M 191 : Advanced Coding (084843)

Advanced principles of the ICD-9-CM coding and classification priciples and CPT coding principles as used in acute, ambulatory, and long term care facilities. (Fall, Spring)

HIM-M 192 : Introduction to Health Information Management and Reimbursement Methodologies (001030)

Introduction to Health Information Manage ment, health records, standards, regulations and content. Overview of release of information principles, privacy and security. Reimbursement methodologies including Medicare, third-party payors, ambulatory settings, and physician practices.

HIM-M 193 : CPT Coding (084840)

The study of CPT (Curent Procedural Terminology) coding and classification principles. (Fall, Spring)

HIM-M 195 : Medical Terminology (001031)

The study of the language of medicine, including word construction, definitions, spelling, and abbreviations; emphasis on speaking, reading, and writing skills. (Fall, Spring)

HIM-M 200 : upervision in Health Information Services (001032)

Study of supervisory principles and practices, with application to health information services. Introduction to effective planning, organizing, and controlling. (Spring)

HIM-M 201 : Coding and Classification Systems (001033)

The study of classifications, nomenclatures, and reimbursement systems. Includes cancer registry and other registries. (Fall)

HIM-M 202 : Clinical Experience in Coding and Classification Systems (001034)

Clinical instruction includes health record coding and related functions. (Fall)

HIM-M 203 : Health Care Delivery and Quality Assessment (001035)

The study of clinical quality assessment and improvement; review of regulatory and accrediting organizations and health record applications in alternate health care settings; other health information systems and functions. (Spring)

HIM-M 204 : Clinical Experience in Health Care Delivery and Quality Management (001036)

Assignment is to area health care facilities and to the program health information laboratory. Areas of clinical instruction include quality management activities and health record systems in alternate health care settings. (Spring)

HIM-M 205 : Pathology (083189)

A survey of changes that occur in the diseased state to include general concepts of disease, causes of disease, clinical sympotms and treatment, and diseases that affect specific body systems. (Fall)

HIM-M 206 : Reimbursement Principles in Health Care (082850)

Integration of information about all U.S. health care payment systems; overview of the complex interrelationships between reimbursement, coded data, and compliance; Managed Care; Government- sponsored Health Care Programs. (Spring)

HIM-M 245 : Health Record Law (001037)

Study of the basic concepts and principles of law and their application to the health care field, specifically to health information services. Review of the law dealing with confidentiality and release of information, liability of health care providers, and other topics. Discussion of the judicial process. (Fall)