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What Is the Bachelor of Applied Science Degree?

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) is an interdisciplinary degree designed for students who have completed an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree and who would benefit from a Bachelors degree for career or personal advancement. The BAS gives students the unique opportunity to apply sixty of their technical AAS credits to an Indiana University bachelor’s degree. Since the credits accumulated in these types of programs do not readily transfer to traditional baccalaureate programs, the BAS degree was designed to provide students with an opportunity to advance their professional skills. The BAS is a very flexible degree. Every student could design his or her own program of study. Students will work closely with an academic advisor to select a set of classes that best fits his or her individual needs. Not only can students build a unique curriculum that aligns with his or her educational and career goals, but students can complete the degree while taking only classes on campus, taking only classes offered online, or any combination of the above.

Why a BAS Degree from Indiana University Northwest?

The Bachelor of Applied Science degree combines a well-rounded, rigorous core curriculum with an individualized track that complements the students’ technical education and professional expertise. Students will work closely with their advisors to develop a strong, focused academic degree plan.

What Are The Available Tracks or Concentrations?

Currently, there are two available tracks: 1) Health Management and 2) Interdisciplinary. Using the Interdisciplinary Track, you can create your own program designed to meet the goals of the individual student. In addition, several other tracks may be added. Please see a General Studies advisor (980-6828) for more information and for a complete curricular mapping of each concentration.

What Courses Are Required for the BAS Degree?

The curriculum consists of 120 credit hours. 60 of those are transferred in from an accredited community college.

18 credits from required competencies

At least 12 credits from either a Health Management or an Interdisciplinary tract

30 credit hours of additional electives

All classes are available both on-line and in person. Further, students may complete on-line courses from other Indiana University campuses as part of the program.

Admission Requirements

The Bachelor of Applied Science is a degree-completion program, and all incoming students should have an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree from a regionally accredited community college. This degree is not available for traditional freshmen.

If you have any questions about the requirements or admission to the BAS program, or wish to create a complete curricular mapping please contact the BAS advisor, (219) 980-6828.