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Office of Fiscal Affairs

Office of Fiscal Affairs

Disbursement Voucher

Disbursement Voucher


  1. Initiate the disbursement voucher as per instructions.
  2. Unless FMS Tax Area defaults to the document, select FMS-Bloomington as the Documentation Location for all disbursement vouchers except those created using the following payment reasons:

    • Travel Payment for a Non-employee
    • Travel Payment for Non-employee with Honorarium

    If one of these two payment reasons is chosen, then select Travel Management as the Documentation Location.
  3. Print the cover sheet.
  4. Do not print and include a copy of the Disbursement Voucher with the documentation to IUAP.
  5. Only original, detailed (with date, name of vendor, itemized list of items purchased, cost of each item, etc.) receipts will be accepted.
  6. Tape all small receipts to an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper. It is acceptable (and desirable) to fill a single sheet of paper with as many small receipts that will fit. A rule of thumb for defining a "small receipt" is any receipt that is smaller than 8-1/2" x 5-1/2". If the receipt does not fit on the page, cut the receipt (not destroying any information) and tape to the same sheet of paper.
  7. Under no circumstances is the payee's social security number to appear on any documentation forwarded to IUAP.
  8. Write the disbursement voucher document number on all supporting documentation.
  9. Forward documentation to IUAP via one of the following options:

    Option 1 (upload)

    Scanning the documentation and uploading the document using the FMS AP Documentation Upload tool for DV and P-Card Paperwork Only.

    Use the User Guide - Disbursement Voucher Supporting Paperwork Submission Best Practices for DV Supporting Paperwork Upload for any questions.

    In choosing Option 1, the unit is responsible for retaining original paperwork for one (1) fiscal year plus the current fiscal year.

    Option 2 (mailing)

    • Make and keep complete, high quality copies of the documentation forwarded to IUAP.
    • Paper clip all receipts/supporting documentation to the printed coversheet. DO NOT use a stapler.
    • Mail paper documents to:
              Indiana University Accounts Payable
              Poplars 016
  10. Tax-related documentation should be forwarded to IUAP separately in support of creating a DV type vendor in EPIC. If either a PO type vendor or a DV type vendor exists, then no additional W-9 documentation should be collected unless a trade name not yet documented is being documented or a tax ID is being corrected. An EPIC search should be conducted first. Then if the vendor/payee/tax ID does not exist in EPIC "Create a vendor" link will be used to create the vendor. That process generates a cover sheet that instructs the initiator where to send tax documentation. (Other than creating a vendor or documenting a change, tax documentation should not be collected and should not be forwarded.)