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iun financial aid

When will my I receive my financial aid refund?

If you are a returning student your financial aid will be disbursed on August 29th. New students 30 days after classes start October 1st.

How will I purchase my books before classes begin?

The campus bookstore will allow you to charge books and supplies to your CrimsonCard up to $750 per term through EZ Deposit. The EZ Deposit is a once-a-semester option to bill a CrimsonCard deposit of $250, $500 or both ($750) to the bursar.

What if I need more than $750?

Most program book and supply charges don’t exceed $750. If you are in a program that requires additional materials beyond $750, please contact the financial aid office for more information. You will need to provide documentation supporting your increase.

Will my financial aid refund be affected by the amount I charge on my CrimsonCard?

Yes, if you are eligible for a financial aid refund. It will be reduced to reflect any campus bookstore charges you make on your CrimsonCard.

Will my financial aid refund be reduced to pay for any purchases outside the campus bookstore on my CrimsonCard?

No, your financial aid refund will only be reduced to cover purchases made at the campus bookstore.