Zoran Kilibarda portrait

Zoran Kilibarda

Professor of Geology

Marram Hall 247

Recent Publications

Kilibarda, Z., (in review) Seasonal geomorphic processes and rates of sand movement at Mount Baldy dune in Indiana, USA. Aeolian Research (AEOLIA_2016_87). 

Kilibarda, Z., Shillinglaw, C., 2015. A 70 year history of coastal dune migration and beach erosion along the southern shore of Lake Michigan. Aeolian Research 17: 263-273,

Kilibarda, Z., Venturelli, R.*, and Goble, R., 2014. Late Holocene dune development and shift in dune building winds along southern Lake Michigan, in Fisher, T.G., and Hansen, E.C., eds.,   Coastline and Dune Evolution along the Great Lakes: Geological Society of America Special  Paper 508, p. 47-64, doi:10.1130/2014.2508(04). 

Yurk, B.P., Hansen, E.C., DeVries-Zimmerman, Kilibarda, Z., van Dijk, D., Bodenbender, B., Krehel,  A., and Pennings, T., 2014. The role of extratropical cyclones in shaping dunes along southern  and southeastern Lake Michigan, in Fisher, T.G., and Hansen, E., eds., Coastline and dune  evolution along the Great Lakes: Geological Society of America Special Paper 508, p. 167-  194, doi:10.1130/2014.2508(07). 

Kilibarda, Z., Graves, N., Dorton, M., and Dorton, R., 2014. Changes in beach gravel lithology caused by anthropogenic activities along the southern coast of Lake Michigan, USA. Environmental Earth Science 71: 1249-1266, doi: 10.1007/s12665-013-2529-2.

Yurk, B.P., DeVries-Zimmerman, S., Hansen, E., Bodenbender, B.E., Kilibarda, Z., Fisher, T.G., and van Dijk, D., 2013. Dune complexes along the southeastern shore of Lake Michigan: Geomorphic history and contemporary processes, in Gillespie, R., ed., Insights into the Michigan Basin: Salt Deposits, Impact Structure, Youngest Basin Bedrock, Glacial Geomorphology, Dune Complexes, and Coastal Bluff Stability: Geological Society of America Field Guide 31, p. 57–102, doi:10.1130/2013.0031(05).

Kilibarda, Z., and Blockland, J., 2011. Morphology and origin of the Fair Oaks Dunes in NW Indiana, USA. Geomorphology 125: 305-318.

Kilibarda, Z., Čadjenović, D., Milutin, J., and Radulović, N., 2010. Sedimentary Setting of Adriatic Flysch Formation (Middle Eocene-Middle Miocene), Southeastern Montenegro as Revealed by Turbidite Sequences. In G. Christofides, N. Kantiranis, D.S. Kostopoulos, and A.A. Chatzipetros (Editors), Proceedings of the XIX Carpathian‐Balkan Geological Association Congress, Thessaloniki, Greece. Special Volume 99: 463-468.

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