Yllka Azemi portrait

Yllka Azemi

Visiting Assistant Professor in Marketing

Dunes Medical/Professional Building, Room 1123

Curriculum Vitae


2014-2017 Ph.D. in Marketing (and Digital Marketing), Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

Research Title: Developing a New Construct for On-line Service Failure and Recovery Strategies in
the Kosovan Banking Sector

2011-2012 M.Sc. in Marketing, University of Wales, UK
2007-2011 B.A. in Business Management and Public Policy, Rochester Institute of
Technology, USA


Feb 2017 University of West London, London, UK 
Nov 2015 - Jun 2016 London College of Contemporary Arts, London, UK
Apr 2016 CAPA Education, London, UK
Dec 2015 - Feb 2016 Regent’s University London, London, UK
Oct 2015 University of Lincoln, UK


Visiting Lecturer of Marketing
Riinvest College, Kosovo
- Teach and develop syllabuses for the course
- Assess students
- Support and advise students individually
- Supervise undergraduate and postgraduate students on research projects
- Contribute to development of new programmes and curricula

Assistant Professor of Management, Strategic Management, Leadership, Human Resources Management, and Organizational Behavior
College of International Management “Globus”, Kosovo
- Teach supplementary material on the course
- Develop syllabus for supplementary material
- Monitor students in terms of the course objectives and provide feedback to professor
- One-on-one support to students

Trainer of Marketing
Institute of Economic Research “Globus”, Kosovo
- Develop training material
- Teach marketing plan components, consumer behaviour (customer targeting strategies), sales techniques and sales negotiation, and advertising
- Provide one-on-one advice to trainees

Business Advisor of Business Plan and Marketing Plan
Business Support Centre Kosovo, Kosovo
- Guide and support prospective entrepreneurs to developing business plan and marketing plan
- Guide and support existing entrepreneurs to developing marketing plan, understanding customer behaviour, and negotiating sales

Trainer of Marketing
Business Support Centre Kosovo, Kosovo
- Teach marketing plan, sales, and consumer behaviour to existing and prospective entrepreneurs
- Provide one-on-one advice to trainees

Research Assistant
Business Support Centre Kosovo, Kosovo
- Assist development of interview guide
- Analyze data using SPSS
- Write reports

Operations Manager
Craft Communications Marketing Agency, Kosovo
- Develop objectives and facilitate their implementation
- Develop recovery strategies
- Facilitate communication across departments
- Manage day to day business activities


2017 Applying the QM Rubric (APPQMR), Quality Matters, Indiana University

2017 Faculty Innovative Teaching Seminars, Center for Innovation and Scholarship in Teaching and Learning (CISTL), Indiana University Northwest

2017 Teaching Thematically Workshop, Union County College, NJ

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