Xiaoqing Diana Chen-Lin portrait

Xiaoqing Diana Chen-Lin

Associate Professor of History

Arts and Sciences Building, Room 2051


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Course syllabi.

Course taught

H215 The Idea of Asia in Modern History

J495 Global Cultures and Local Communities.

HIST-G387 Contemporary China (both web and on campus sections)

HIST-G385/G200 Modern China (both web and on campus sections)

HIST-H232/B391 World in the 20th Century (both web and on campus sections)

HIST-T325 The Road to World War II: China, Japan, and the U.S.

HIST-G410 China, Japan and the U.S., 20th and 21st Centuries;

HIST-T325 History and Memory of Modern China and Japan (will be taught as G315 in summer 2013)

HIST-G369 Modern Japan,

HIST-T325 Confucian Values and Modern Applications in East Asia

HIST-J495 Chinese Intellectuals in the 20th Century,

HIST-J495 History of Chinese Thought,

HIST-H113 & H114 Western Civilizations Surveys,

HIST-H207 Modern East Asia