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Board President and Mentor, African American Achievers Youth Corps, Inc. - provides mentoring, counseling, recreational, entrepreneurial, and tutorial services for over 289 Black male youth, 1993-present

Founder and Board President, African American Achievers Youth Corps, Inc., 1993-present

Member, Indiana House of Representatives, 1990-present

Member, former Chairman, and former Chaplain, Indiana Legislative Black Caucus, 1990-present




            Member, Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching (FACET)

            Member, National Council of Professors of Educational Administration

            Member, American Association of University Professors

            Member, American Educational Research Association

            Member, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

            Past Member, Indiana Association of School Principals

            Member, 1st District Association of School Principals

            Founder and Member, Northern Indiana Association of Black School Educators (NIABSE)

            Member, Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity, Inc.

            Member, Blacks in Higher Education

            Past Member and Past Treasurer, Indiana Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals 

            Past Member and Past President, Gary Elementary Principals Association