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Steve Dunphy

Steve Dunphy

Associate Professor


Dunes Medical/Professional Building, Room 1114


Office Hours

Tuesday 9:00 - 12:00

Thursday 9:00 - 12:00

or by Appointment


Most Recent Publications

Dunphy, S. (2016). Quantity consumer goods pricing: has yesterday’s surcharge become today’s discount? Journal of Product & Brand Management, 25(7). 1-12.

Meyer, D. & Dunphy, S. (2016). The role of knowledge-based psychological climates in HRM systems. Management Decision, 54(5), 1-25.

Dunphy, S. (2016). Using keywords to construct wuzzle-picture-puzzles for the purpose of mastering management & organizational behavior terminology. Behaviour & Information Technology, 35(6). 1-8.

Meyer, D. & Dunphy, S. (2015). Strategic choices, their implementation, and their effects on workers: Evidence from the auto parts supply sector. The Journal of Management and Marketing Research, 19. 1-10.

Meyer, D. & Dunphy, S. (2014). Implemented strategy in the automobile parts supply sector: Direct and indirect effects on performance. The Journal of Management and Marketing Research, 17. 1-32.

Thomas, J. & Dunphy, S. (2014). Factors affecting moral judgment in business students. Journal of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences, 17. 130-153.

Dunphy, S. (2014). Home sweet Hoosier rental homes. Business Journal for Entrepreneurs, 1. 1-20.

A complete list of Steve Dunphy's Research and Publications can be found here.