• Planned, organized and led the successful passing of a General Fund Referendum.
65% to 35%. May 8, 2012.
• As Oregon-Davis superintendent, I was responsible for budget development for the
district; developing, managing, and coordinating a $9 million budget. 2007-2012.
• Coordinated and approved all corporation purchasing. Oregon-Davis School
Corporation. 2007-2013.
• Member of the Porter County Health Insurance Trust Board of Directors. Oregon-
Davis School Corporation. 2009-2013.
• Authored and received a $25,000 Indiana Department of Education Merging of
Services Grant. Only eight grants were awarded throughout the state from 2007-
2008. Oregon-Davis School Corporation. 2008.
• Recipient of a $155,000 competitive high tech grant. Oregon-Davis School
Corporation. 2009.
• Authored and received a $1.86 million, zero interest Qualified School Construction
Bond. One of 36 recipients out of 180 applicants. Oregon-Davis School
Corporation. 2008.
• Organized and raised $5 million for elementary and high school renovation projects
at a combined interest rate of 2.59%. Oregon-Davis School Corporation. 2009.
• In a ten-month period, raised $340,000 in donations and grants to assist the
corporation with the “New Tech” start-up costs. Oregon-Davis School Corporation.
• Increased the Oregon-Davis general fund cash balance 40% through the
development of programs and personnel realignment. Oregon-Davis School
Corporation. 2007-2009.
• Indiana High Tech Middle School Grant Recipient. Authored and received a
$100,000 to enhance technology for Kankakee Valley Middle School. Raised over
$20,000 for teacher professional development opportunities for Kankakee Valley
Middle School teachers. Kankakee Valley School Corporation. 1998-2002.

• Invited presenter at the Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, National Labor-
Management Collaboration Conference. Cincinnati, Ohio. May 23, 2012.
• Presented at the Northwest Indiana Educational Service Center Teacher Evaluation
Models and Compensation Summit. December 9, 2011.
• Created and implemented a systemic leadership structure facilitating participatory
leadership and professional development among staff promoting school
improvement. The structure and system is based upon Deming management
principles. Oregon-Davis School Corporation. 2007-2013.
• Coordinated and supervised all personnel matters for the Oregon-Davis School
Corporation. Supervised the evaluation process, employee discipline, and directed
all administrators in the hiring process. 2007-2013.
• Recipient of $1.6 million Federal Grant to Implement TAP (Teacher Advancement
Program). Oregon-Davis School Corporation. October 2010.
• Developed the negotiation plan and strategy on behalf of the Oregon-Davis Board of
Trustees. 2007-2013.
• Requested by four area superintendents (Duneland, Bremen, John Glenn, and Lake
Central School Corporations) to serve as an administrative mentor to each of their
new building principals. Oregon-Davis School Corporation. 2007-2009.
• Restructured the Valparaiso Community Schools Teacher Evaluative process.
Planned and facilitated in-service and implementation for district administration.
Valparaiso Community Schools. 2002-2007.
• Introduced National Board Certification to the Kankakee Valley School
Corporation. Recruited four staff members to participate in the program and
obtained scholarships through the Northwest Indiana Forum. KVMS had the
Corporation’s only National Board Certified staff members. Kankakee Valley
School Corporation. 1998-2002.

• Leadership Northwest Indiana, Class of 35. 2013-2014.
• Guest Lecturer, “Top Ten Things a Modern Superintendent Should Know.” Indiana
State University. Terre Haute, Indiana. February 2012.
• Awarded District 1 Superintendent of the Year by Indiana Association of Public
School Superintendents. Fall 2011.
• Presented at the National School Board Association Conference. “How to Engage
Students and Transform Instruction Through Technology.” Boston, Massachusetts.
April 23, 2012.
• Systemic Leadership Presentation. Delivered to 45 superintendent graduate students
at the Bayh College of Education, Indiana State University. Terre Haute, Indiana.
June, 2010.
• Nationally honored by the Apple Corporation as a “Lighthouse School
Corporation”. Oregon-Davis, 2009.
• Vice President of the JESSE Board of Directors (Special Education Cooperative, 12
school corporations). 2007-2009.
• One of 100 school superintendents in the nation selected and invited to attend the
Apple Educational Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas. 2009 and 2010.
• Planned and organized legislative discussion meetings between the superintendents
study council meeting and 15 area legislative representatives. 2008-2011.
• Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors for the Northern Indiana Educational
Service Center. 2010-2011.
• Organized, presented, and facilitated “School Administrator Survival Training
Seminar” for building principals from fifteen area school corporations. January
• Executive Board of Directors of the Indiana Small and Rural Schools Association.
• Indiana Association of School Principals District One Middle School Principal of
the Year. 2001.
• Planned and facilitated the 2006 Indiana Association of School Principals Fall
Conference. Indianapolis, Indiana.
• Presenter at the Indiana Association of School Principals Fall Conference on
“Improving Teacher Evaluation”. Indianapolis, Indiana. November 2005.
• Conducted and authored a dissertation study titled “Analyzing Changes in Indiana
School Finance”. 2005.

• Planned and managed a $5 million renovation project of the elementary and high
school. Oregon-Davis School Corporation. 2009-2010.
• Planned and monitored facility improvement projects, (roof, pool, greenhouse, and
HVAC systems. Oregon-Davis School Corporation. 2007 to 2009.
• Served as Director of Operations for all school facilities. Oregon-Davis School
Corporation. 2007-2013.
• Led and supervised entire transportation program and purchased school buses.
Oregon-Davis School Corporation. 2007-2013.
• Restructured facility operations for the Oregon Davis School Corporation. 2007-
• Supervised and directed Thomas Jefferson Middle School building and grounds
operations and liaison to during completion of a $17 million remodeling project.
Valparaiso Community Schools. 2002-2007.

• Oregon-Davis Elementary was recognized as an Indiana Top Ten School for
Language Arts High Growth Performance. March 1, 2012, Indianapolis, Indiana.
• 97.6% of Oregon-Davis third grade students passed the Indiana IREAD test. 2012.
• Oregon-Davis School Corporation was one of twenty school corporations in Indiana
to receive the Indiana Department of Education, Excellence in Learning
Performance Grant. 2012.
• During my tenure as superintendent of the Oregon-Davis School Corporation, we
have raised the high school graduation rate to above the state average. Prior to my
becoming superintendent, the Oregon-Davis 2006-2007 graduation rate was 74%.
Under my leadership as superintendent, we raised the graduation rate to 85% in
2007-2008, well above the state average 77%. In 2008-2009 we improved our
graduation rate to 88% and in 2009-2010 our graduation rate was 91.5%.
• In 2011, Oregon-Davis School Corporation led the State of Indiana in overall I-Step
improvement, 14.6% growth. Our corporation scores in language arts improved
from 68% to 80% and math scores improved from 76% to 84%.
• Developed and implemented a full-day kindergarten program for all Oregon-Davis
students. 2007-2013.
• Planned, organized, and facilitated a district-wide technology in-service program for
staff. Oregon-Davis School Corporation. 2007-2013.
• Led the Corporation in the successful planning and creation of “New Tech High
School”. There are currently fifteen New Tech Schools in the state and sixty in the
country. Oregon-Davis School Corporation. 2007-2013.
• Led the Thomas Jefferson Middle School (TJMS) faculty in a data-driven analysis
of homework practices. Valparaiso Community Schools. 2002-2007.
• Introduced and implemented a data-driven curricular mapping program while
principal of KVMS. The program resulted in curriculum improvements, technology
integration, and improved quality of instruction. Kankakee Valley School
Corporation. 1998-2002.

• Created and developed a corporation technology team and school technology teams
to improve technology integration and planning. Oregon-Davis School Corporation.
• Transformed a school corporation with minimal technology infrastructures into an
elite progressive technology leader among Mid-western school corporations.
Oregon-Davis School Corporation accomplishments include:
• Placed a MacBook computer in every certified staff member’s hand to serve as
a 21st century instructional plan/grade book.
• Planned and developed a corporation wireless computer infrastructure.
• Created a new leadership position, Director of Instructional Technology, to
plan, promote, and acquire technology to improve curriculum, instruction, and
student performance.
• Developed and currently implementing a technology program to provide a k12
one to one laptop ratio.
• Led the corporation in instituting a new student management software and data
warehousing system to integrate data analysis into the instructional planning
• Placed LCD projectors and interactive whiteboards in every k12 classroom.
• Created the TJMS Technology Team. Organized the first teacher-driven technology
in-service program for Valparaiso Middle Schools. 2002-2007.
• Indiana High Tech Middle School Grant Recipient. Coordinated and directed a
$100,000 program budget. While serving as principal, a computer was placed on
every staff desk and the entire school building was wired and connected to the
Internet. Kankakee Valley Middle School. 1998-2002.