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Scooter Pégram


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Recent Publications

Journal Article. Pégram, Scooter. (2012) “Rapping to Represent and Resist: Language, Lyrics and Young Haitian Males in Early Québec Hip-Hop,” in Wadabagei: International Journal of the Caribbean and its Diasporas, Volume 13, Number 3, pages 50-73. New York: Lexington Press.

Journal Article.
Pégram, Scooter. (2012). “Philosophers and Poets of the Periphery: Educational Revision, Cultural Resistance and Community Resilience in French Hip-Hop,” in Journal for the Liberal Arts and Sciences, Volume 16, Issue 2, pages 35-51.

Journal Article.
(2011). Pégram, Scooter. “Not ‘Condemned to Fail,’ Examples of Community Pride and Social Uplift in French Rap,” in Journal of Poetry Therapy, Volume 24, Number 4, pages 239-253, London: Routledge Press.

Journal Article,
(2008). Pégram, Scooter. “Dancing their way into English: Language preservation and Language Shift among Latina females in Northwest Indiana,” in Journal for the Liberal Arts and Sciences, Volume 13, Edition 1, pages 107-115.

Journal Article.
Pégram, Scooter. (2008). “Meshing in, not Melting Away: Identity and Language Shift among young Haitian Females in Québec,” in Journal of the Indiana Academy of Social Sciences, Volume XI, pages 44-61.

Book chapter.
  Pégram, Scooter and Gunn, John W. (2007). “Hey, hey, hey (yo): The Real Fat Albert speaks Ebonics (and he ain’t no knucklehead),” in Mohamed, Theresa (ed.) Essays in Response to Bill Cosby’s Comments on African American Failure. Lewiston, Maine: Edwin Mellen Press.

Book. Pégram, Scooter. (2005). Choosing Their Own Style: Identity Emergence among Haitian Youth in Québec. Peter Lang Publishers, New York.

Journal Article.  Pégram, Scooter. (2005). “Being Ourselves: Immigrant Culture and Self-Identification among Young Haitians in Montréal,” in Ethnic Studies Review, Volume 28, pages 1-20.