Kenneth Schoon portrait

Kenneth Schoon

Visiting Professor

Library Conference Center 301


Advanced Study in the Teaching of Science in the Elementary Schools
Advanced Study in the Teaching of Secondary School Science
Computers to Special Education
Development of Secondary School Programs  (individual study course)
Elementary Science Field Experience (companion course to E328)
Examining Self as Teacher
Field Experience in the Urban School   (companion course to S508)
High School Curriculum
Introductory Geology:  Lecture   (adjunct lecturer, 1969 - 1988)
Introductory Geology:  Laboratory  (adjunct lecturer, 1969 - 1988)
Methods of Teaching Science 5-12
Methods of Teaching Senior High/Junior High/Middle School Science
Methods of Teaching Secondary Science in Urban Schools
Practicum in Science  (individual study course)
Research in Science Education
Research Project in Secondary Education   (Master’s degree capstone course)
Science in the Elementary Schools
Secondary Science Field Experience  (companion course to M446)
Student teaching SH/JH/MS  (Senior High/Junior High/Middle School)
Workshop in Secondary Education:  Methods of Teaching in Urban Schools
Workshop in Education:  Environmental Education in Northwest Indiana