Jenny Fisher portrait

Jenny Fisher

Assistant Professor - Biology

Marram Hall 304

Dr. Fisher earned her Bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Duke University. She worked as an Environmental Engineer for the US Environmental Protection Agency before pursuing her Ph.D. at the University of Georgia. Dr. Fisher has done extensive research in the field of Environmental Microbiology and has authored and co-authored 15 publications in international journals in her field.

Her current research focuses on the prevalence of antibiotic resistance among human commensal bacteria and the fate of these bacteria in the environment. She teaches Microbiology for Biology majors, Microorganisms in Nature and Disease for allied health students, and Environmental Microbiology, an Intensive Writing capstone course for Biology majors.

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Marram Hall 304
Gary, Indiana 46408

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3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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(219) 980-6870