Ian Taschner portrait

Ian Taschner

Assistant Professor

Marram 210

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Year of hire: 2015

Teaching Interests

General Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

Instrumental Analysis

Medicinal Chemistry

Research Interests

Total synthesis of Aspernomine

Bivalent ligand synthesis targeted at cannabinoid and dopamine receptors

Analytical assessment of neonicitinoids in honey

GHB analogs and their activities in vitro


Postdoctoral Research in Chemistry 2011-2013

     Brock University, St. Catharines ON

     Research Advisor: Professor Thomas Hudlicky

     Research: Scale-up

          Synthesis and scale-up of C-1 analogs of Pancratistatin for pharmacokinetic/SAR studies

Novel route to morphinans through a cascading chelatropic extrusion-cycloadditon and large-scale microbiological culture of Pseudomonas putida and E. coli JM109

Doctorate of Philosophy in Chemistry- 2011

       University of New Hampshire

       Research Advisor:  Professor Charles K. Zercher

       Research: Synthetic Organic Chemistry

              Synthesis of unique hydroxy-cyclopropyl peptide isosteres for aspartic inhibition

Progress toward the synthesis of Plakortether B through tandem homologation-aldol methodologies developed within the group


Bachelors of Science in Chemistry- 2005

       University of Akron

       Research Advisor: Professor Jun Hu

       Research:  Bioanalytical technology/Material Science

Synthesis of a trithioether-adamantyl scaffold for application of self-assembled monolayers on gold surfaces for use in glucose monitoring.

Professional Activities/Affiliations

Science Olympiad Judge

American Chemical Society

Dual-Credit GOBC with Crown Point High School

Mailing Address

IU Northwest
3400 Broadway 
Marram 204
Gary, Indiana 46408

Office Hours

Monday - Tuesday
11:20 - 12:20

11:20 - 11:50

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Phone Number

(219) 980-6744


Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, and Astronomy