Indiana University Northwest
Gianluca Di Muzio portrait

Gianluca Di Muzio

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Chair

Hawthorn Hall 234

Recent Publications

"A Simplified Ontological Argument and Fictional Entities," forthcoming in Think (Summer 2015).

"Reincarnation and Infinite Punishment in Hell," International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 74 (2013): 167-180.

“Aristotle’s Alleged Moral Determinism in the Nicomachean Ethics,”Journal of Philosophical Research 33 (2008): 19-32.

“The Problem of Divine Inefficiency,” Think 17/18 (2008): 75-83.

“Epicurus’ Emergent Atomism,” Philo 10 (2007): 1-11.

“The Immorality of Horror Films,” International Journal of Applied Philosophy 20 (2006): 277-294. Reprinted in W. H. Shaw (ed.), Social and Personal Ethics (8th ed.), Boston, MA: Wadsworth, 2014, pp. 209-215.

“Theism and the Meaning of Life,” Ars Disputandi 6 (2006): 128-139. Read online.

“Aristotle on Improving One’s Character,” Phronesis 45 (2000): 205-219.