Indiana University Northwest
Dana Dodson portrait

Dana Dodson

Assistant Professor

Hawthorn Hall 351



Dodson, D. H., Square roots go rational. (2012) Illuminations, an NCTM online publication.  Acceptance rate for this submission was 42 lessons out of 368 submitted for the Illuminations Summer Institute (42 out of 368 is 11.4%).

Dodson, D. H. (2011).  Legos go to college. The South Shore Journal, 4. Retrieved from

Dodson, D. H., (2009).  Pattern blocks polygon inventory. Texas Instruments Education Technology Classroom Activities.

Dodson, D. H., (2009).  Olympic rings.  Texas Instruments Education Technology Classroom Activities.

Non-peer-reviewed Publication

Brock, R., Dodson, D.H. (2011). E-Flash cards yield significant results.  Global Flash Learning. Retrieved from  This white paper describes the research results from the implementation of technology into the 6th grade classes. The students with special needs class performed significantly better than the general education class after consistently using the electronic flash card program over 4 months on learning their mathematics facts.

Publications in Submission

Dodson, D. H., Grskovic, J. A., and Alford, G. R. (in submission).  A comparison of the effects of concrete and virtual manipulatives on the multiplication fact achievement of urban third graders with and without disabilities. Submitted to Contemport Issues in Technology and Teacher Education – Math on Monday, September 24, 2012.

Dodson, D. H. (in submission). The effects of computerized mathematics facts training on the math fluency of urban elementary students with learning problems. Submitted to Education & Treatment of Children on Friday, May 25, 2012.

Materials Developed

Dodson, D. H. Rethink Roots Rationally.
Dodson, D. H. (2009).  Grab a Handful of Cuisenaire Rods.
Dodson, D. H. (2009).  Technology for the Math Class.