Anja Matwijkiw portrait

Anja Matwijkiw

Professor of Professional Ethics & Human Rights

Arts and Sciences Building, Room 2047

Curriculum Vitae

Summary of Credentials & Career Objectives

           A University of Cambridge Ph.D. with national and international experience, member of the Editorial Boards for INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL LAW REVIEW (Brill/Martinus Nijhoff Publishers) and GLOBAL COMMUNITY YEARBOOK OF INTERNATIONAL LAW AND JURISPRUDENCe (Oxford University Press) & the International Advisory Board for INTERNATIONAL STUDIES JOURNAL; and with research, teaching and service interests in Professional Ethics, Human Rights, Philosophy of (International) Law, International (Public) Law, Post-Conflict Studies, and Global Justice & Public Policy.
           In the past, Dr. Anja Matwijkiw has been a Carlsberg Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge and a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Chicago where she also was a Faculty Advisor for M.A. students at the Center for International Studies. After this, she became an Assistant, Associate and then Full Professor at Indiana University Northwest. While teaching various areas of Philosophy and Professional Ethics (Business, Medicine, Law), Dr. Matwijkiw worked to promote accountability in local government, inter alia, by designing ethics codes/pledges and ethics training for three municipalities in Northwest Indiana.
           Current journal and book projects include the utilization of stakeholder theory in interdisciplinary approaches to justice, peace, development, and governance issues. Dr. Matwijkiw is committed to the objective of increased ethics integration in the realm of international law. She has designed ethics recommendations for the United Nations (UN) as a European Commission grant recipient and participant in the first global post-WWII study on transitional justice (directed by M. Cherif Bassiouni in 2010). She has been deemed “an eminent international law scholar” by Oxford University Press and has distinguished herself in independent and innovative scholarship; most recently as a New Frontiers Researcher (Indiana University-Bloomington). Dr. Matwijkiw has published, presented, been cited by her peers, and/or has had her research adopted for scholarly, teaching and other purposes in more than twenty-five countries (e.g., Argentina Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, the Czech Republic, China, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Peru, the Republic of Singapore, Spain, Sweden, the Republic of South Africa, the State of Israel, and the United Kingdom).

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