Anja Matwijkiw portrait

Anja Matwijkiw

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Hawthorn Hall 236

Curriculum Vitae

Research Experience

AOS: International law, General Jurisprudence, Human Rights, Theoretical and Applied Ethics, Post-Conflict Justice Studies

DePaul University, Chicago, IL, USA
Research Assistant to M. Cherif Bassiouni (task assignment in philosophical aspects of justice concepts, related to the project: Globalization: A Theory of Justice), July-August 2010.

University of Chicago, IL, USA
Visiting Faculty/Scholar, the Franke Institute for the Humanities/Department of Philosophy, 1998-2002.

University of Roskilde, Denmark
Research Employee, 1997-1998.

University of Oslo, Norway
Lysebu Scholar (sponsored by the Danish-Norwegian Foundation), Spring/Summer Quarters of 1989 and 1995.

University of Cambridge, England, UK
Carlsberg Researcher, 1993-1995; Carlsberg Research Fellow, 1990-1991.

See The 1991/1993/1994 Carlsberg Foundation’s Annual Book of Research (Rhodos International Publishers), at 76 (1991), 72 (1993), 55 (1994). See also the 2009 Cambridge University Alumni in the United States.

Affiliated with Aarhus Research Academy, Denmark, 1993-1996.

University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Carlsberg Scholar, 1989-1990.

See The 1990 Carlsberg Foundation’s Annual Book of Research (Rhodos International Publishers), at 94.


Books/Chapters in Books

1          Post-Conflict Justice: Legal Doctrine, General Jurisprudence, and Stakeholder Frameworks, in Global Trends: Law, Policy & Justice 345-370 (Anna Oriolo et al eds., Oceana/Oxford University Press, New York, USA, 2013) (with Bronik Matwijkiw).

2          Justice versus Revenge: The Philosophical Underpinnings of the Chicago Principles on Post-Conflict Justice, in The Pursuit of International Criminal Justice: A World Study on Conflicts, Victimization, and Post-Conflict Justice Vols. I & 2, Vol. I, 173-243 (M. Cherif Bassiouni ed., Intersentia Publishers, Antwerp-Oxford-Portland, 2010).

  • A European Commission funded project, managed by the EuropAid Cooperation Office, and executed by Istituto Superiore Internazionale di Scienze Criminali (ISISC), Syracusa. Italy.
  • Final Project Report, presented in the Hague, June 2009.

3          A Modern Perspective on International Criminal Law: Accountability as a Meta-Right,       in The Theory and Practice of International Criminal Law: Essays in Honor of M. Cherif Bassiouni 19-79 (Leila N. Sadat & Michael P. Scharf, eds., Martinus Nijhoff Publishers/Brill, Leiden, the Netherlands, 2008) (with Bronik Matwijkiw).

4          A Philosophical Perspective on Rights, Accountability and Post-Conflict Justice. - Setting up the Premises, in Post-Conflict Justice 155-199 (M. Cherif Bassiouni ed., Transnational Publishers, Ardsley, New York, 2002).

5          Is There Meaning in Philosophy? (excerpt from the essay The Philosophy of Fundamental Conditions), in the Room of Philosophy 139-143 (Kaj Ove Krogh & Flemming Madsen Poulsen, eds., Dafolo Publishers, Frederikshavn, Denmark, 1998.

6          Fundamental Conditions: A Philosophical Experiment (Attika Publishers, Holbæk, Denmark 1997).

Proceedings (Peer-Reviewed)

7          Stakeholder Jurisprudence: The New Way in Human Rights, in Proceedings of the 25th IVR World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (Law, Science and Technology), available at (Department of Law ed., Goethe Universität, Frankfurt, Germany, 2012) (with Bronik Matwijkiw).

Journal Articles (Peer-Reviewed)

Fundamental Rights and the Common Mistake of Stakeholder Theorists: Narrow Attacks and Broad Defenses without a Framework, completed for submission.

8          Stakeholder Applications: Advantages or Disadvantages for International Criminal Law?

forthcoming in International Criminal Law and Philosophy of Law, International Criminal Law Review (Int’l Crim. L. Rev.) (special issue) (Anja Matwijkiw ed., Martinus Nijhoff Publishers/Brill Academics, the Netherlands, 2013) (with Bronik Matwijkiw).

9          From the Rhetoric of States to Strategic Effectiveness in the Globalization Effort: M.  Cherif Bassiouni’s Statement at the Historic High-Level Meeting of the General Assembly on the Rule of Law at the National and International Levels, 12 (II) The Global Community Yearbook of International Law and Jurisprudence (Global Community YILJ) 1001 (Giuliana Ziccardi Capaldo ed., Oxford University Press, New York, USA, 2013) (with Bronik Matwijkiw).

10.       Memorialization: An International Law Strategy, 5 The South Shore Journal (S. Shore J.) x-x (Christopher J. Young ed., IU Northwest Center for Urban and Regional Excellence/NWI Quality of Life Council, USA, USA (2013), available at (with Bronik Matwijkiw).

11        Stakeholder Theory and the Logic of Value Concepts: Challenges for Contemporary International Law, 7/3 International Studies Journal (Int’l Stud. J.) 19-79 (Mehdi Zakerian ed., Iran/USA et al, 2011) (with Bronik Matwijkiw).       

12        Stakeholder Theory and Justice Issues: The Leap from Business Management to Contemporary International Law, 10/2 International Criminal Law Review 143-180 (Michael Bohlander ed., Martinus Nijhoff Publishers/Brill, Leiden, the Netherlands, 2010) (with Bronik Matwijkiw).

13        From Business Management to Human Rights: The Adoption of Stakeholder Theory, XIII: 2009 Journal of The Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences (J. Ind. Acad. Soc. Sci.) 46-59 (Jean V. Poulard ed., IASS, Indiana, 2010) (with Bronik Matwijkiw).

14        The No Impunity Policy in International Criminal Law: Justice versus Revenge, 9/1 International Criminal Law Review 1-37 (Michael Bohlander ed., Martinus Nijhoff Publishers/Brill, Leiden, the Netherlands, 2009).                                                                                      

15        Human Needs and Justice: The Case against Realism 26/4 Nordic Journal of Human Rights (N. J. Hum. Rts.) 279-301 (Njål Høstmælingen ed., Oslo University Press, Norway, (2008).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

16        The Way Forward in Northwest Indiana: Ethics as a Vehicle for Urban Renewal, 2 The South Shore Journal 91-116 (Robin Hass Birky & Eva Mendieta eds., Indiana University/NWI Quality of Life Council, USA (2007),  available at  (with Bronik Matwijkiw).

17        Revenge and Humanity: The Case of the Failed State, 6 (II) The Global Community Yearbook of International Law and Jurisprudence 1679-1698 (Giuliana Ziccardi Capaldo ed., Oceana/Oxford University Press, New York, USA, 2007).

18        The Reverse Revenge Norm in International Law, 78/3-4 Revue Internationale De Droit PÉnal (R. I. D. P.) 565-599 (Reynald Ottenhof, ed., Association Internationale De Droit Pénal, Paris, France, 2007).

19        Making Sense of the Right to Truth in Educational Ethics: Toward a Theory and Practice that Protect the Fundamental Interests of Adolescent Students, 2 Intercultural Human Rights Law Review (Intell. Hum. Rts. Rev.) 329-424 (Danielle N. Boaz & Aditi Sehgal eds., St. Thomas University, Miami, USA, 2007) (with Willie Mack).

20        The Right to Accountability: A General Jurisprudence Approach to International Criminal Law, 5 (I) The Global Community, Yearbook of International Law and Jurisprudence 309-332 (Giuliana Ziccardi Capaldo ed., Oceana/Oxford University Press, USA, 2006).

21        Rights for the Sake of the Individual as an End in Himself, 3-4 Tiddskrift for Rettsvitenskap [Journal of Legal Science] 738-775 (Viggo Hagstrøm & Magnus Aarbakke eds., Scandinavian University Press, Oslo-Copenhagen-Stockholm-Boston, 2000).

22        A Fluxus Artist InFlux, 40 North-Debat 11-23 (Bent Petersen ed., Associated Publishing House, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1996) (with Bronik Matwijkiw).

23        Om Foroldet mellem Retsnormer og Politik (On the Relationship between Legal Norms and Politics), 4 Tidsskrift for Rettsvitenskap [Journal of Legal Science] 686-712 (Birger Stuevold Lassen & Magnus Aarbakke eds., Scandinavian University Press, Oslo-Copenhagen-Stockholm-Boston, 1995) (with Bronik Matwijkw).

Other Publications

24        The Sensuous Way, 85 North Art Magazine 1-57 (Bent Petersen ed., Associated Publishing House, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2005) (special issue in honor of Edward Matwijkiw).

25        Love without Limits, 15/2 Spirits 81 (Mary Nolan ed., Indiana University Northwest, USA, 2005).                                                      

26        Should Men Include Women as Equals? Special Mid-Year Issue Prince Hall Freemasons Journal 33-38 (Jerry Butler ed., State of Illinois & Jurisdiction, USA, 2005) (invited Guest Writer).

27        Materialistic Morality, 15/1 Spirits 33 (Allison Mendez ed., Indiana University Northwest, USA, 2004). (Won the Best Literary Magazine of the Year at the 2004 Indiana Collegiate Press Association (ICPA) Awards Convention).

28        Women and Philosophy, 2 Filosofi [Philosophy] 15 (Eric Bendtsen ed., Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy & Rhetoric, Copenhagen University, Denmark, 1996).

29        Latent Utaknemmelighed/Forfald/Fortvivlelse/Menneskelig Metafysisk [Latent Ingratitude/Disrepair/Despair/Human Metaphysics] 27 Lyrik 15 [Lyrics – Journal of Danish and Foreign Poetry] (Per Nielsen ed., Nordisk Litteratur Forlag, Odense, Denmark, 1989).

30        Begivenheder på Stort Format (At Bekende Foreløbig Kulør) [Great Events: Temporary Admission] 61/4 Hvedekorn [Hvedekorn. Journal of Danish Poetry and Art] (Poul Borum ed., Rosinante, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1987).

Work in Progress

Stakeholder Jurisprudence and International Law.

            Failed State Theory and Education: The Double Paradox.

            Ethical Aspects of International Criminal Law