Anita Martin portrait

Anita Martin

Associate Professor

Hawthorn Hall 347



  • Martin, A., Abd-El- Khalick, F., Mustari, E., Price, R. (Under Review). Effectual Reasoning and Innovation among Entrepreneurial Science Teacher Leaders: a Correlational Study. 
  • Schroyer, M., Martin, A., Abd-El-Khalick, F., Haythornthewaite, C.  (in progress.)  Tracking Entrepreneurial Leaders in Science Learning Networks: Longitudinal Social Network Analysis of a Partner District.   
  • Martin, A., Israel, M., Abd-El-Khalick, F. (in progress).  Middle school students and teacher’s conceptions of NOE (Nature of Engineering) amid increased student gains.

  • Martin, A., & Hand, B. (2009).  Factors Affecting the Implementation of Argument in the Elementary Science Classroom. Research in Science Education, 39, 1, 17-38. 
  • Tepper, A.  (1999). A Journey Through Geometry: Designing a City Park.  Teaching Children Mathematics, 5, 6, pp. 348-352.