Andrea Griffin portrait

Andrea Griffin

Assistant Professor

Dunes Medical/Professional Building, Room 1118


Research Interests:
Gender, Diversity and Culture in Organizations
Organizational Behavior and Management in Developing Economies
Emotional Labor and Emotional Display Rules
Critical Management Studies/Critical Race Theory

Hobson, C., Strupeck, D., Griffin, A., Szostek, J., Selladurai, R., and Rominger, A. S.  (2013). Facilitating and Documenting Behavioral Improvements in Business Student Teamwork Skills. Under review at  Business Education Innovation Journal.
Cotton, J.L., Griffin, A.E.C., & O’Neill, B. (2012) “Whiteness of a Name: Is ‘White’ is the Baseline?” Forthcoming at Journal of Managerial Psychology
Hobson, C., Strupeck, D., Griffin, A., Szostek, J., Selladurai, R., and Rominger, A. S. (2013). Field Testing a Behavioral Teamwork Assessment Tool with US Undergraduate Students. Forthcoming at Business Education and Accreditation.
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Hobson, C. J., Hobson, J., Henry, S., Rouse, S., Szostek, J., & Griffin, A.E.C.  (2012 ) A Field Study Extending the Hobson-Heler Model to Assess the Website "Volunteer-Friendliness" of the Top 200 Charities in the United States.  International Journal of Volunteer Administration, 29(1), 2-14.
Maranto, C. and Griffin, A.E.C. (2011)  “The Antecedents of a “Chilly Climate” for Women Faculty: Does relational demography explain it?”  Human Relations, 64 (2) 139-159. 

Rothausen, T., Gonzalez, J. & Griffin, A.E.C. (2009).  “Culture Matters:  Facet and Global Job Satisfaction in the United States and the Philippines”. Asia Pacific Journal of Management. 26, 681-700

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