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Other Tech Tips of Interest

Unicom Phone System - An introduction to, and description of, the new Unicom phone and communications system rolling out at IU Northwest early 2012.

Knowledge Base - Discusses the IU IT Knowledge Base

Echo360 Edit Tutorial - Simple, step-by-step instructions and demonstration on how to edit and post an Echo360 recording.

Unicom at IU Northwest - A short video introducing the Unicom phone system now being rolled out at the Northwest campus.

IT Orientation 2011 - The Tech Guru and IT Expert give you an introduction to everything IT at Indiana University Northwest. - Introduction of to faculty and staff.

Adobe Connect - Introducing Adobe Connect software.

Document Camera - Introduces the use and functionality of the advanced document cameras.

HH329 - New technology classroom and its benefits

WCMS - Web Content Management System

Microsoft Office Shortcuts

IUware - Service that provides software free of charge for university faculty, staff, and students

Slashtmp - File upload service that's provided to the IU network.

IU Secure - Wireless network available on campus

Pic Mute Button - Explains the new changes to the lectern control panel pic mute button.

DVD Camcorder - How to use and operate the Sony DVD Camcorder that is available to faculty and staff for use