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In addition to traditional sessions, the Writing Center provides online tutoring to all students.  These sessions only occur during open hours for the Writing Center and during an appointment slot.  Just like our traditional sessions, they are limited to thirty minutes, and they are sessions intended to improve the student as a writer, not solely to improve the writing project.  They are not proofreading sessions.

If you would like an online session, send the Writing Center an email ( for an appointment.  In your email, you must include (1) your paper, (2) the assignment prompt, and (3) a non-IU gmail account which you can use for a Google Docs session.  For ease in setting up an appointment, please also indicate what days/times you are available to have the session.  Once you’ve sent an email, a tutor will contact you to let you know if the time you’ve requested is available and, if not, when else we schedule take your session.

At the time of your appointment, you will receive an invitation to join a Google Docs session at the email address you provided to us.  You are responsible to be at your computer, ready for the invitation five minutes before your session so that we are able to spend the full thirty minutes working on your paper, rather than wasting time with set up.  You must be present for the entire session.

At the start of the session, the tutor will ask you what you would like to work on.  You should have something in mind so that you are able to immediately begin working on your paper.  Throughout the session, you should at all times be (1) responding to the tutor’s comments/messages, (2) editing your paper based on the tutor’s comments, or (3) waiting on the tutor to offer additional comments if there are currently no unresolved comments.

Before the end of the session, if you are required to have an appointment with the Writing Center for a class, it is your responsibility to tell the tutor.  You must provide your professor’s name and the course number for us to be able to send your professor an email.  We will only send an email to your professor if you were present and working on the paper for the entirety of the thirty-minute session.