iun english

Alyssa Black
Secondary Education (Concentration in Language Arts)
Specialties: Analysis and Creative Writing

Alyssa is a senior secondary education student with a concentration in language arts. As a tutor, she utilizes the conventions she's learned in her education courses to break down complex material into small pieces. Additionally, her background in English provides a concrete framework for discussion and clarification of writing conventions. Her special strengths are in sentence structure, organization, and word choice. She enjoys digging deep into the meaning the writer intended and leading writers to discoveries of how to express the meaning they search for. As a writer, Alyssa's specialties are in analysis and creative writing.

Kelley Feeman
English (Minor in Theatre)
Analysis and Creative Writing

Kelley Feeman is an English major and Theatre minor in her junior year. While she predominantly writes literary analyses, she has been writing creatively since middle school. Because of her combined backgrounds in analytical and creative writing, her tutoring places an emphasis on brainstorming and developing and expanding concepts. She feels that a strong conceptual foundation is important and necessary for any type of writing to progress naturally and efficiently.

James Loveless
Business Administration and Financial Information Systems (Minor in Philosophy)
Professional and Academic Writing

James Loveless is currently a third year Business Administration and Financial Information Systems major at Indiana University Northwest with a minor in Philosophy. He has been a tutor with The Writing Center since the fall of 2013 and has previously tutored with the Boys and Girls Club of Porter County. A multifaceted individual, James has tutored individuals of all different ages and backgrounds and possesses skills in a multitude of subjects including accounting, marketing, philosophy, communications, and, most importantly, writing. The writing disciplines on which James applies the greatest amount of his time include professional writing and academic writing, which are consequently his most refined writing disciplines. From his time spent tutoring with the Boys and Girls Club, James learned to advance a mostly relaxed and open-minded form of tutoring, helping students by allowing them to help themselves. This includes giving examples outside of the essay so that the student understands the concept behind the improvement rather than only making that improvement to their work.

Melinda Topel
Psychology (Minor in Sociology)
Specialties: Psychology and Sociology
Melinda Topel is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology and completing her prerequisites for a graduate program in occupational therapy.  She has always enjoyed writing and has a strong desire to help others, which is why she loves working at the Writing Center.  She particularly enjoys reading papers in the fields of sociology and psychology, and her specialty is working with non-traditional students.  It is Melinda’s goal to take the intimidation out of writing so that students can begin to enjoy the process and development of their papers.  In her spare time, Melinda can be found reading, spending time with her family, and volunteering at local pediatric OT offices.