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iun english

Student Tools

These student tools on the COAS home page include the application for graduation and matrix of course. 

Writing Center

Students have full access to the Writing Center and to tutors who can help them enhance their writing skills.

Department Awards

Each year, the Allen C. Austin Award is presented to one English student who displays superior achievement.  This prestigious monetary award is accompanied by a separate hand-picked gift from the Department.

The department also sponsors the George N. Thoma Essay Contest each semester.  The contest awards monetary prizes to the best essays written by freshman composition (W131) students. 


In the fall and springs semester, undergraduate students are offered the opportunity to participate in an Internship Program in Writing.  The program combines their study of writing with practical expertise by having them work alongside professionals in journalism and business communication.  Students are required to submit research reports as a part of the program.  An evaluation, made by both the supervisor and instructor, is encouraged and may be repeated for a maximum of six credit hours.