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iun english

The Departments of Minority Studies and English offer a thematically integrated major in English and Afro-American studies. This interdepartmental major is designed for students who wish to combine substantial Afro-American studies with their work in the American and English literature major. 

The chairpersons of the Departments of Minority Studies and English must jointly advise the
interdepartmental major. A combined minimum of 33 credit hours is required.

African American and African Diaspora Studies - 300 level or above (18 cr.)
AAAD-A 355 (3 cr.)
AAAD-A 356 (3 cr.)
AAAD-A 493 (multidisciplinary capstone course) (3 cr.)

Select from the following (9 cr.)
AAAD-A 370 (3 cr.)
ENG-L 370 (3 cr.)
AAAD-A 379 (3 cr.)
AAAD-A 380 (3 cr.)
AAAD-A 392 (3 cr.)

English (15 cr.)
ENG-L 202 (3 cr.)
ENG-L 315 (3 cr.)

Select one of the following
ENG-L 351 (3 cr.)
ENG-L 352 (3 cr.)
ENG-L 355 (3 cr.)

Select one of the following
ENG-L 354 (3 cr.)
ENG-L 357 (3 cr.)
ENG-L 358 (3 cr.)
ENG-L 440 (3 cr.)

Total (33 cr.)

A 2.0 cumulative grade point average is required in the courses taken in the interdepartmental major.
Only courses with a grade of C- or higher will be counted in the major.

For more information, visit the English page on the IU Northwest Bulletin.