Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Office of Environmental Health and Safety

Laboratory Safety

Laboratory Safety

The mission of the Laboratory Safety Program is to promote a high quality of laboratory safety practices and to ensure regulatory compliance for all uses of laboratory equipment and hazardous chemicals.

Anesthetic Gas Safety Program
Laboratory Chemical Safety Plan
      Title Page
      Table of Contents
      Emergency Information
      Laboratory Safety Contacts
      1.0 Introduction
      2.0 Control Measures
      3.0 Standard Operating Procedures
      4.0 Information and Training
      5.0 Medical Consultations and Examinations
      6.0 Laboratory Safety Equipment
      Appendix A OSHA Lab Standard
      Appendix B Standard Forms
      Appendix C Chemical Lists
Laboratory Inspection Program for Institutional Biosafety Committee Approvals
Personal Protective Equipment Program
Respiratory Protection Program

Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
Chemical Fume Hoods
Chemical Segregation and Storage Chart
Compressed Gasses
Controlled Substances Guidelines for Research
EHS Assistant
Electrical Safety
Eyewash and Safety Showers
Hazard Analysis Laboratory Sign (HALS) Program
Hazardous Waste Management Guide
Laboratory Safety Audit Checklist
Mercury Reduction-Elimination Guideline
Minors in Hazardous Work Areas
Tornado Preparedness for Laboratories
Visitors’ Access to Laboratories

Administer the HALS program.
Evaluate the functionality of chemical fume hoods.
Manage hazardous chemical wastes produced in laboratory environments.
Perform hazard assessments.
Participate in laboratory audits.
Provide Laboratory Chemical Safety Plan training.
Respond to reported incidents.