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Teacher engaged with students in the classroom

Advanced Programs/Lead Teacher - Dispositions

The SOE is committed to the values of academic integrity in teacher preparation. You are expected to consign yourself to each of the following dispositions throughout this semester in your classroom participation, projects, and assessment activities:

Access assessment procedures, behavioral examples, conceptual framework mapping, and more 

Lead Teacher

The Lead Teacher shows evidence that she/he values these dispositions when he or she:

1.      Sets high standards and expectations for self, students, and colleagues

2.      Continuously evaluates self for improvement

3.      Accepts responsibility and demonstrates leadership

4.      Recognizes a variety of ideas and values cultures

5.      Is committed to providing a variety of ways for students to learn

6.      Is committed to teaching all learners and believes all students can learn.

7.      Makes instructional decisions to enhance learning and teaching

8.      Utilizes ethical principles in assessment decisions

9.      Treats people fairly, equitably, and with dignity and respect

10.  Respects and fulfills personal and professional obligations*

11.  Cultivates and promotes a safe, caring, and supportive learning environment

12.  Dialogues with colleagues and other decision makers affecting education

13.  Collaborates and communicates with family and community

14.  Demonstrates a work ethic and utilizes reflection to improve personal and organizational performance