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Certificate in K-12 Online Teaching

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Why offer online courses in K12?

Having online courses benefits students, teachers, and the school district. Students benefit by having greater flexibility with learning content— they can take remedial or advanced courses that might not be offered during the regular semester. The move toward more individualized learning experiences is gaining momentum in K12, and has moved full speed in higher education.  It also benefits them by flexibility with time. Students can take extra courses that they work on during school break/study hall or at night. Summer school courses would see higher enrollment if students could take their class while still spending time on family vacations or caring for younger siblings while the parents work during the day. 

Teachers benefit by having opportunities to earn more money.  Many virtual schools offer online classes all over the world and they are taught by certified teachers. This means the possibility of extra income. In addition, you might be able to teach an online course in a specific area of interest that you can't fit into your daily schedule at your school, but it might be a course that is interesting to students.  Teaching online is also very different from traditional teaching; it might refresh your love of teaching and give you a new outlook on educational possibilities. 

Districts benefit from being innovative.  Giving students and parents options for learning is a wonderful step that breaks away from the standard curriculum that must be taught.  The more innovative a district is, the more attention it will get and perhaps enrollment will increase.  In addition, online courses could run as a 'fee-based' option. Parents pay a fee for a student to enroll in an online course; the fee could pay for the teacher as well as perhaps add to the district's technology budget.  

Program Highlights:

  • 5 courses, 3 credit hours each for a total of 15 credit hours
  • Certificate is fully online; no class meetings
  • Each course is accelerated at approximately 7.5 weeks long
  • Each course needs to be taken in sequence
  • Open to certified teachers in K-12 grade levels
  • Each teacher will create his or her own fully online course during the certificate program that can be taught within the district once complete
  • IU Northwest is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission to offer online programming


EDUC-F500 Online Course Design & Delivery

Focuses on study and application of fundamentals of course navigation, layout, and content design, and methods of curriculum planning for K-12 Online courses, including study of appropriate workload by course level and subject

EDUC-F500 Active & Innovative Online Methods

Explores the methods of creating active, collaborative, innovative learning assignments and activities using a learning management system as well as other web-based learning tools like audio, video, and interactive games for K-12 online courses

EDUC-P506  Managing & Assessing Online Learning 

Designed to explore the methods of managing effective and supportive online learning environments through communication tools and approaches. Explore formative and summative assessment strategies. 

EDUC-H637 Trends in K12 Online Learning

Provides teachers with an opportunity to use educational enquiry to explore new learning tools in online environments. Review, evaluate, and critique educational research in online learning to inform policy, theory and practice. 

EDUC-W505 Designing an Online Course

A capstone experience that culminates with the teacher-created online course. The course will demonstrate and exemplify the knowledge and abilities of the teacher to design a course that reflects national standards for quality.




Enrollment: Kelly Zieba; 219-980-6510; [[edu]]
Courses, certificate or curriculum: Dr. Angela Solic; 219-980-6642; [[asolic]]