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Scheduling Appointments

Students may call (219) 980-6741 to speak with the  Secretary/Receptionist to schedule an appointment.  In order to assure confidentiality of all who use the service, walking into the office to schedule an appointment is discouraged.  Appointments are approximately 45-50 minutes in length and every attempt is made to schedule students as soon as possible after the initial call is received.  There is no cost involved for this service. If you have questions about the counseling Center or would like to schedule an appointment, you may do so by calling (219) 980-6741.

Confidentiality Policy

COUNSELING SESSIONS ARE CONFIDENTIAL.  Information cannot be released to anyone outside of Counseling Services unless authorized by the student UNLESS something is disclosed during a session or in communication with counselor that would present a serious threat to the health and safety of the student or another person in the public.