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iun communication

The major in communication provides the student with a broad-ranged understanding of human communication processes and the ability to apply basic principles, methods, and findings of human communication research in a variety of settings. The major serves as a foundation for professional fields such as public relations, personnel, sales, and training as well as providing excellent preparation for graduate study in communication, law, the ministry, public administration, and business.

Degrees offered by the department include a Bachelor of Arts and Associate of Arts in Communication as well as an interdepartmental major in Afro-American Studies and Communication.   The department also offers a Minor in Communication.

Degree Requirements

Completion of a B.A. in Communication requires a minimum of 120 credit hours with a minimum of 30 credit hours in degree-specific courses and a grade point average of 2.0 or higher.  After completing 21 credit hours in discipline-specific courses, students must complete a capstone course.  Communication majors must take a minimum of two intensive writing courses and a minimum of 15 credit hours must be taken at the 300-400 level.

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