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Important Information

1. Are you ready?

Determine Your Eligibility

You are eligible to march at the May Commencement if you are:

  •  A student who completed the requirements for graduation by December 2016
  •  A student who will complete the requirements for graduation by May 2017, OR
  •  A student who plans to complete degree requirements by August 2017

There is no December or summer ceremony.

2. Apply to Graduate

Degree candidates must apply to graduate in order for school recorders and the registrar to confirm final grades. Each school or department has its own procedures and deadlines for applying for graduation. See your recorder or advisor for more information.

If you miss application deadlines, your name will not appear in the Commencement program booklet. If you don’t apply at all, you won’t graduate. If you haven’t yet applied to graduate, contact the recorder of your degree-granting program as soon as possible. If you applied to graduate for a previous semester, you need to change your graduation date with the recorder.

3. Order Your Gowns Now

4. Countdown to Commencement 2017

5. Commencement 2017 - Need to Know